We maintain a wide array of intermodal equipment  to supplement and support our customers needs to ensure that their freight can be moved timely and efficiently when required.  

  • 20' and 40' Standard Chassis
  • 20'and 40' Combo Chassis
  • 20' and 40' Slider Chassis
  • Tri-Axle Chassis for heavier loads
  • Drop Frame ISO Tank Chassis
  • Super Lightweight 20' and 40' Chassis


  • 48'x102' Standard Flatbeds
  • 48'x102' Stretch Flatbeds
  • 53'x102 Standard Flatbeds

  • Special Equipment

  • Dock Racks
  • Pipe Stakes
  • Coil Equipment
  • Tarps



    • 48'x102 Shuttle Vans w/Roll Up Doors
    • 48'x102 Standard Vans
    • 53'x102' Air Ride Vans
    • 53'x102' High Cube Vans

    Special Equipment
    • Logistic Post
    • E-Track
    • Wood Floors



  • 9 Axle Double Drop Ext. RGN
  • 3 Axle Double Drop Ext. RGN
  • 2 Axle 48'x102' Single Drop Ext. Flat

  • RGN Trailers have drive on capabilities.
  • Ext. - Extendable Trailers for longer loads
  • 120,000 lb Hauling Capability
  • Typical Loads - Construction Equipment, Cable Reels, Treater Systems, and Portable Switch Buildings
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